Rn-Voice-Video-Call by aryaminus

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Usage of WebRTC for voice & video call with peer-to-peer or conference with Login and Register screen using response & Async storage with Call Dis/Connect, Failed and Idle views in react native. Youtube:

RNVideoVoiceCall RNVideoVoiceCall is the 4th session build for showing the implementation of Signin and Signup screen to login or create user for voice call along with video call for both peer to peer or conference using Voximplant for react native. In th


You can depend on the library through Gradle: ext { latest_release = '' // TODO check above for latest version } dependencies { implementation "im.ene.toro3:toro:${latest_release}" implementation "im.ene.toro3:toro-ext-exoplayer:${latest_release}" // to get ExoPlayer support }